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13th-Oct-2011 10:51 pm(no subject)
I know my posts are so infrequent and of such wildly varying quality that I should probably be hanged from the St. Stephens' scaffolding, but I just had to post this.

I took this photo about a month ago in Whitby:

28th-Aug-2009 02:43 am(no subject)
Quite annoyed. Just came across a band who have completely stolen our Myspace layout, a layout that took fucking ages to make. Even worse, they're labelmates of ours. Cunts. They've obviously taken up one of those 'steal layout' options on a Myspace tweaks site, and changed nothing but the text link colour and the background. Cunts.

Is there a need, really?


Pics from the album launch coming soon, and keep an eye on our Myspace cos another song from the album is going up sometime soon.

And for those of you who've emailed me about this, yes, its become depressingly apparant in the last week or two that, despite only being released a month ago, our album is already available for illegal download via various sites and torrents and whatnot, but please don't download it. We rely on album money to tour. And for the record, I've never advocated downloading, not in the case of bands on independent labels, cos it does so much harm. Fair enough rip off U2 or REM, but if you download our album you might as well come and take a couple of our guitars as well*.

* A bit over the top, yeah, but a point must be made well or not at all. Innit.
24th-Aug-2008 08:55 am(no subject)
You can now read our 2007 Sandman article online here.
11th-Aug-2008 07:25 pm(no subject)

There's an article on The Clauberg Opera in this month's Sandman. We look brilliant and say loads of witty things, so be sure to get your hands on a copy. Check http://www.sandmanmagazine.co.uk/sandman/pages/where.html to find out where you can pick it up for free. Those of you in Hull that are coming to the launch next week will be able to get a copy from the Adelphi.

There's also a review of the album over at www.thespeedofsilence.com.

Don't forget that our launch is this coming Thursday at the Adelphi. As if the fact that we'll be doing our brand new live set isn't enough, there's a set from the Santa's Buggerboyz, a set from Phil May and a (mandatory) free shot of absinthe, as well as witty, intellectual banter, fairy cakes and the potential for an appearance from Tubby Casserole.

Yes, I know what you're thinking. This all adds up to:

9th-Sep-2007 12:18 am(no subject)

Can't be arsed to make the pic a link so just go to www.myspace.com/theclaubergopera instead and look on your left hand side. We've had a few people ask for a shirt to be reserved...we CAN reserve them, but only within reason, not for like months and months.

Oh, and can I just take a moment to point out the HIGHLY reasonable price? £7.50 for a tee, and that's including P+P and the Paypal surcharge. That means you're paying just a fiver for the shirt. There are bands in this city that hardly ever write songs, hardly ever rehearse, hardly ever do gigs, show no signs of actually being a proper, active band yet still have the cheek to fashion a huge merch range and charge over a tenner for a tee. I'm only pointing that out so that our insanely fair price is now documented in the annals of history.

Innit x
30th-Aug-2007 06:33 pm(no subject)

Here's the label's PR blurb:

:: New Folk Devils ::

The Clauberg Opera's debut full-length album is out today from us online. It will be in the shops sometime soon. Details when we have them. Titled 'New Folk Devils' the CD weighs in at approximately 45 minutes. This is art punk, noise rock and doom's first illicit threesome affair. This is the result - six tracks of some of the most original music you'll hear this year. Utterly essential if you're a fan of forward thinking heavy music. 

Scroll down the main page and its on yer right.
28th-Aug-2007 10:14 pm(no subject)

24th-Aug-2007 07:24 pm(no subject)
New song from the album up at www.myspace.com/theclaubergopera.

REMEMBER THE RELEASE DATE IS MONDAY 30TH JULY, that's this coming Monday! The cheapest place to buy it will be from us at a gig or www.myspace.com/sdrecs, so bookmark it now!

22nd-Jul-2007 01:57 am(no subject)
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